Friday, January 11, 2008

Once More Beyond the Breach Dear Friends!

Hello possible ancestors!
Forgive me for not having posted anything "yesterday". I thought it well enough to leave a day for you to process the information imparted upon you. This of course allowed for my scientist friends to tinker with the programming before I send yet another time-altering message.
I hope that you haven't been too troubled, or spent too much time thinking about this phenomena.
I mention to you in my last post that I selected or "predestined" a time in which to send these messages. Well, I am afraid to say it, but I lied to you. The time has been predestined for me.
The common warning of time travel has been that once a person goes back into time, they alter the construct of time from that point on. The concept is called the "space-time continuum" by many science-fiction writers. The truth is that time, much like our perception of reality, is predestined as well. You who faithfully read this, and you who will stumble across these words ten years from their intended date, have all been predestined to the enlightenment or confusion this text brings.
The obvious question you ask next is this: "Does this mean there is a God?"
I can't honestly answer that.
Philosophers and Theologians still debate this point today. It is the one thing that will always be contended by humanity. I prefer to believe. Faith gives me a reason to live, God is the reason I love others.
Back to my original point. From the moment you saw my first post you knew I was going to appear, and you knew the moment in history when it would happen. My life has been heralded. I have become my own prophet, and my own publicist. People for decades have memorized my every sentence, and committed to memory every typo I will ever make. I both have been and will be famous from birth.
This has been (forgive the cliche) both a gift and a curse.
I am afraid I have a weak and wandering mind, and it has been taxed too much today by deep thought.
I now move on to a lighter subject.
You, no doubt, are curious as to what the future holds. Too bad. I will not be your crystal ball.
The future does hold some wonderful and frightful things. They are to be decided by you. I will have no part in the predestination of them.
I will tell you that people's appearance changes. This is an evolutionary thing, one which humans have no control over. Just as humans have grown larger than they were in biblical times, the facial structure changes in the coming years, and rather dramatically too.
Do you want to see what we look like now?

Are you sure?

Don't say I didnt warn you...

Here it goes...

HA!!! I couldn't help myself.
Till Next Time, (as predestined by _____)
History Prof.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hello from the future!

I know there will be skepticism, and even (Allah-forbid) cynicism, about this post. But I am truly from the future. I am a historian at New Harvard University, who has been working with a team of electronicists to try and break the electronic time code. I think we have finally done it!
I have chosen this day and age to test our discovery. People of 2008, you have no idea what you are in for! I hope all of you who read this will survive to greet the coming years for there is much to look forward to.
I should first explain about the electronic time code. You are smart enough, I am sure, to realize that molecular time travel is an impossible thing. There have been many dream-filled novelists in history who have written about the subject, but it is just not possible. However, there is embedded in every interweb page, every blog, and every computer file an electronic time code. When any encoded information is created electronically it is given a time stamp, a date. This lets us know exactly when it was made, and when it was submitted. We have for many years been able to change this date. But this fact didn't change the time that it was viewed.
Through new advances in technology, we have been able to find a way to send encoded and formed electric impulses back through the web to a time that we predestined. Isn't this exciting!

If this post reaches you on Jan. 9th of the year 2008, or at a date relatively close, please respond!
I want to congratulate all of you who are going to vote in the presidential election of 2008. Your patriotism has brought altering changes in the solidarity of Earth.
I must finish this post. The Scientists are worried that the length of my blog might be too long to send through the electronic vortex.
I am hoping I hear from you soon. (this is a joke of course.)
History Prof.